Mike Lauterborn
Marketing Consultant & Freelance Writer

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Marketing Background

Over 25 years in Marketing, Promotion & Advertising

Mike’s experience includes senior and executive management positions in the publishing, entertainment, advertising and sales promotion worlds. He has developed, managed and executed sweepstakes, product sampling programs, media campaigns, out-of-home extensions, sponsorships, partnerships, print & TV advertising production and placement, consumer & trade events, cross-promotion, coupons / rebates, added value / merchandising, media kits, public relations, sales collateral, direct mail, dimensional premiums, newsletters, annual reports, catalogs, promotional radio, viral marketing, promotional stunts, competitor analyses, dealer loaders, cause marketing, menu co-marketing, website creation & management, gifts with purchase, sales incentives, mystery shopper strategies, display contests, mall/mobile tours, nightlife & liquor promotions, experiential, product placement in films & TV, insured probability games and interactive. 






Mike’s Mantras:
“Stimulate Your Own Economy”
“Carpe Diem”
“Life is a journey… Enjoy the ride.”
“Stop to smell the roses.”
“Hold your nose and jump!”